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Embark on a rewarding career with Silverpoint
Embark on a rewarding career with Silverpoint

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It is the people who work for a company that make a company special and Silverpoint maintains a strong focus on its employees.

This attention ensures that they receive exactly the right training, mentoring and direction needed to become the incredible people who define the Silverpoint brand.
We believe that employees with professional goals and aspirations should have the chance to realise them. A Silverpoint employee is part of a meritocracy that recognises individual achievement and rewards excellence accordingly. We expect employees in junior positions to strive for excellence in just the same way as a senior manager or director would.
We practice "promotion from within" and encourage managers and staff to guide those below them with a view to being replaced as they themselves move up the hierarchy.
The underlying ethos that permeates the whole staff base is that talent is encouraged to flourish and we are devoted to seeing incredible people grow into key roles within the Silverpoint team.
This is the incredible journey that defines a career with Silverpoint.

Silverpoint Vision

Since working for Silverpoint my whole outlook on life has changed for the better. I know I have the opportunity to progress in my career and that my efforts are recognised. I know the company will continue to invest in my development for as long as I am committed to being the best I can be.
Maria Gonzalez
Head of Reception, Tenerife


With employment and career opportunities worldwide, Silverpoint is a gateway to a whole world of opportunity.

Take your first step to an amazing future with Silverpoint. Apply today.

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